NRCM Well Represented at this Year's South Shore IMAC

Five pilots made the trip to South Shore's annual IMAC competition.  Overall, there were 11 pilots flying in the South Shore IMAC 2016 contest. In no particular order they were: Ben Lann, Brandon Smith, Chris Garrett, Colin Bell, Dayle Smith, Fred Marshall, Greg Carlan, Kelly Doary, Mike Notley, Paul Sinnis and Tyler Ernst. These pilots flew a grand total of 198 judged sequences, consisting of 3 rounds.

Fred Marshall (NRCM) won the Basic class. There were 2 pilots in Basic. The winning order was: (1) Fred Marshall and (2) Tyler Ernst.

Chris Garrett won the Sportsman class. There were 2 pilots in Sportsman. The winning order was: (1) Chris Garrett and (2) Dayle Smith (NRCM).

Mike Notley won the Intermediate class. There were 5 pilots in Intermediate. The winning order was: (1) Mike Notley (NRCM), (2) Ben Lann (NRCM), (3) Paul Sinnis (NRCM), (4) Greg Carlan and (5) Brandon Smith.

Kelly Doary won the Advanced class. There were 2 pilots in Advanced. The winning order was: (1) Kelly Doary and (2) Colin Bell.

A big thank you should go to event organizer, Brandon Smith for providing accomodations during our stay and putting on such a well run event.  (Photo Credit: Tyler Ernst)

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